Thursday, October 15, 2015

80 Days: An Interactive Novel

Hi! Charlie here. I recently came across an interesting thing that makes me really happy I have a venue in which to share interesting things. (This blog is what I'm talking about. The venue, I mean, not the interesting thing. [Although this blog is an interesting thing, too.])

Let me start over.

There's a game called 80 Days available on the Apple app store, Google Play, and for PC that is pretty phenomenal.

Uugh, not a VIDEO GAME. What is it with boys and VIDEO GAMES??

I know, I know- but this one's actually just a really cool interactive novel. Set in a fictitious 19th-century world inspired by Jules Verne, you are Monsieur Passepartout, the trusty valet for Phileas Fogg. When your master wagers he can circumnavigate the globe in only 80 days, you dutifully pack his bags and set off!

The story is presented through first-person narration, allowing you to select from multiple text options to craft your own story. You are also given various travel routes to choose from, people to meet, cities to explore... it's actually really cool. There's a definite sense of adventure and exploration to the story, and each city you visit feels really alive and exciting.

So far, I'm 40 days into my journey and I've only reached east Asia. I'm not sure I'll make it around the globe in time, but I've certainly enjoyed the trip. I've had a run-in with Mosco's secret police, met a weapons merchant-turned-toymaker in Calcutta, and traveled on the ambulatory city of Agra.

It's a pretty rad story.

If anyone else tries it, let me know what you think! I'd love to hear what kind of crazy characters and places you encounter.


  1. This sounds fun! I downloaded the app to my phone. I'll let you know how my adventure goes (and whether it includes me tumbling off the treadmill because I'm distracted by the story).

  2. This looks really interesting! Thanks for the tip.
    Melanie, you can't keep taking chances with fitness and reading.

    1. You're right. I was finishing Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell on my phone the other day whilst on the treadmill, and afterward I wondered if the other gym patrons were entertained by my shocked facial expressions.

  3. So, is this like the Legend of Zelda meets Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

    I am incredibly uninformed about video games in the world, so I appreciate this knowledge. Le Book Chat success!

  4. THE DUDE ABIDES! This sounds fun ... I'm going to download it for my upcoming trip to see the niece and nephews. The older two like to read and love board games like Ticket to Ride, so I think this could be a good and wholesome (haha) game for all.

  5. Now THIS is a video game I could play. Must check it out!